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                    We produce shaoshan 3, shaoshan type 4 electric locomotive traction gear has been appraised as provincial fine-quality products, due to the stable product quality, win the electric locomotive one third of the gear market.China must first Taiwan high speed train "day shuttle''s number is our production of traction gear.The company is a manufacturer of precision gears in Japan, Germany through the strict test, get the good foreign experts, domestic main ROM watts evaluation FengJiChang is our client, the product sells the nation 27 provinces and cities over Hong Kong and Macao regions, with host kit and sold all over the world.
                    To ensure that jiuzhou four dimensional industrial company development and production of locomotive transmission gears and light car transmission and other products to satisfy the needs of the market, the company Marketing Department by area and product variety set up: north, northwest and central China and other seven sales area (sales service), and the corresponding supplementary after-sales service system.Marketing Department colleagues travel outside the perennial, with users of sincere love in time for the user to troubleshoot and service.
                Address:Zhuzhou Jinshan Industrial park Telephone: 0731-28781022 Record/license number:湘ICP備11014818號-1
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